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About Face is the 12th episode of season 1.

About Face
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Season 1, Episode 12

Air Date:

June 4th, 1993

Written By:

Jim Pond and Bill Fuller

Directed By:

Raymie Muzquiz


American Dicks


Joking the Chicken


Mambo is choking on a model of the titanic and Duckman calls 911 and is coached over the phone on how to save him. Duckman falls in love with the operaters voice but doesn't get her name. Later, when she calls back to see how Mambo is doing Duckman asks her out and she agrees. When Duckman see's her he discovers that she is hideously ugly but falls for her wonderful personality. A few weeks later while at a restaurant with her, Duckman punches a waiter for making a rude comment about her appearance. Hating that this drove Duckman to violence, Angela decides to get a makeover. She and Duckman continue to date and she is offered a job as a model, soon becoming a national icon. Seeing all the money and attention she is showered with, Duckman decides that he isn't good enough for her anymore. Angela assures him she doesn't feel that way and asks to meet so they can talk about it, but Duckman, feeling like he's holding her back from even more success, doesn't show up.


  • The first, and perhaps only time, Fluffy and Uranus act overtly sexual.
  • First time we see Bernice's group of friends.
  • During the montage of Duckman injuring Fluffy and Uranus the theme song from Love, American Style plays.
  • The operater is named Angela, and is described as having an angelic voice. Angela is a name meaning angel.
  • This episode is based on The Ugly Duckling, a story written by Hans Christian Anderson.


Main Characters

First Appearences


Bernice: (to duckman) Well i'm going. Maybe I should get a Sitter and have you come with me.

Duckman: (shocked) What, your inviting me to have a night at the Movie's with you and your friends!?

Bernice: NO! (kicks Duckman in the gut) I'm inviting you to circle my car around the block for 2 hours! Parking is miserable in that part of the town.