Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat
And thrust your pelvis ugh

Air Date:

January 18th, 1997

Written By:

Eva Almos and Ed Scharlach

Directed By:

Peter Avanzino


Dammit, Hollywood


Coolio Runnings

Aged Heat 2:Women in Heat is the third episode of season four.


Duckman is imprisoned for killing Fluffy and Uranus, again. However, he is accidentally sent to a women's prison. A dream of his comes true! In fact Duckman fits in quite well and becomes the star attraction in the warden's side business, a dance and prostitution ring. Everything's going great until Suzy comes along.


The script for "Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat" contained a hilarious, but controversial, scene where Duckman happened upon Grandma-ma and, believing her to be Agnes Delrooney, beat the crap out of her ("Not so tough now, are ya? Are ya??"). Ultimately, the sight of Duckman bitch-slapping a wheelchair-bound old woman was deemed too raw, and the scene was cut."

  • The episode features the original song "Carpet Party". The lyrics were by Michael Markowitz. Music was by Michael Markowitz and Scott Wilk & Todd Yvega.
  • The episode is a parody of women's priosn exploitation films from the 1970's and early 1980's.
  • Bernice, Charles, Mambo, and Ajax briefly appear but have no lines and no role in this episode, whatsoever.

Continuity Edit

  • Duckman previously sold his body to a wealthy man in Not So Easy Riders.

Main Characters Edit

  • Duckman
  • Cornfed
  • Fluffy and Uranus

First Appearances Edit

  • Wanda
  • Warden
  • Betty
  • Suzy