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Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat
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Air Date:

January 18th, 1997

Written By:

Eva Almos and Ed Scharlach

Directed By:

Peter Avanzino


Dammit, Hollywood


Coolio Runnings

Aged Heat 2:Women in Heat is the third episode of season four.


Duckman is imprisoned for killing Fluffy and Uranus, again. However, he is accidentally sent to a women's prison. A dream of his comes true! In fact Duckman fits in quite well and becomes the star attraction in the warden's side business, a dance and prostitution ring. Everything's going great until Suzy comes along.


The script for "Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat" contained a hilarious, but controversial, scene where Duckman happened upon Grandma-ma and, believing her to be Agnes Delrooney, beat the crap out of her ("Not so tough now, are ya? Are ya??"). Ultimately, the sight of Duckman bitch-slapping a wheelchair-bound old woman was deemed too raw, and the scene was cut."

  • The episode features the original song "Carpet Party". The lyrics were by Michael Markowitz. Music was by Michael Markowitz and Scott Wilk & Todd Yvega.
  • The episode is a parody of women's prison exploitation films from the 1970's and early 1980's.
  • Bernice, Charles, Mambo, and Ajax briefly appear but have no lines and no role in this episode, whatsoever.
  • During the scene near the beginning of the episode where Duckman is being dressed up, "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott was originally playing. This was changed to generic music in the DVD version.


  • Duckman previously sold his body to a wealthy man in Not So Easy Riders.

Main Characters

  • Duckman
  • Cornfed
  • Fluffy and Uranus

First Appearances

  • Wanda
  • Warden
  • Betty
  • Suzy