Ajax and Ajaxer
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Season 4, Episode 8

Air Date:

February 22, 1997

Written By:

Bill Canterbury

Directed By:

Peter Avanzino


Role With It


With Friends Like These

"Ajax and Ajaxer" is the 8th episode of Season 4.


Duckman and Cornfed are hired to perform surveillance on a laboratory that is performing experiments on intelligence formulas. Cornfed accidentally swallows a "Get Dumb" formula, which causes him to become Ajax's best and first friend. If Cornfed gets cured, will Ajax lose his only true friend?


  • Episode Title Reference: Dumb and Dumber
  • This episode was dedicated as follows: "In Loving Memory . . . Dana Hill May 6, 1964 July 15, 1996 We Miss You!". Hill was the original voice of Charles, she died of complications from diabetes. 
  • First episode to feature Pat Musick as Charles

Main Characters

First Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Hey, that was surprisingly easy. Why, I bet a kid thinking I was a role model and wanting to imitate my behavior could easily steal sodas from a vending machine, too." (looks at camera) "Do it! Do it now, kids! Stick it to the man!" (laughs and walks away)
(handed a paper titled "Censor Notes") "'But, of course, that would be wrong.'"

Duckman and Cornfed

"Did you just hand me the Get Dumb potion?"
"No way. In fact, that's the opposite of what happened."
"I drank the Get Smart potion?"
"Okay, maybe not 'opposite.' Maybe 'exactly.'"

Duckman and Cornfed
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