911 operator (formerly)
Beautex spokeswoman (formerly)

Significant other(s)

Duckman (ex-boyfriend)

Voiced by

Lolita Davidovich

First appearance

"About Face"

Angela was a 911 operator whose voice Duckman fell in love with. Her one set-back was that her face gave a new meaning to "The Ugly Duckling".

Character Edit

Duckman became obsessed with her and her angelic voice, and since the dispatchers refuse to give Duckman her name, he stages multiple emergency's with Fluffy and Uranus trying to get her to pick up again. He doesn't find her, but she eventually calls back to check how Mambo was doing, as he was the first life she helped save. Duckman asks her out and she agrees. When they meet it turns out that she his hideously ugly, so much so that even Fluffy and Uranus have to admit it. Duckman is still in love with her though, describing her as "smart, sensitive, cheerful, thought provoking and loaded with empathy and insight." When they go to a restaurant with Cornfed and Trudy one night, Duckman ends up punching a waiter because of his reaction to her face. This prompts Angela to get a makeover, eventually becoming America's most famous supermodel. Duckman decides that she is too good for him now, and that he would only be holding her back, so he breaks up with her.

Angela later appears in "Color of Naught". She was a spokeswoman for Beautex, not realizing it was another one of King Chicken's plans to get back at Duckman. She and Duckman considered getting back together, but she decided she needed time alone to deal with the guilt of working for Beautex and coming up with their slogan.

Appearances Edit

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