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Art DeSalvo is one of the recurring characters of Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. He is a dishonest scam artist that often takes advantage of Duckman and his family.


Cornfed describes him as a "fast talking, deeply cynical and completely amoral manipulator."

In Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W., he books Duckman on a talk show to discuss his heroism, but ends up revealing that he pinched the asses of two women, igniting an angry mob and turning him into America's number one deviant.

In The Longest Weekend, it's shown that Art has moved into Duckman's neighborhood, N Phlegm Ave, and joins in the block association that's driven to destroy Dutch Elm St on account of the latter street's lobbying. He was also said to be an expert on organizational structures.

In How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying, he cons Duckman into signing over his own name and persona for $1,000. He also notes that he was on his way to see his podiatrist because of his spring corn-scrape.

In Four Weddings Inconceivable it is said he has a child or teenage relative named Scott DeSalvo, who has a sexual interest in Mambo.




  • The closed captions on the DVD releases spell his name in three different ways.
    • Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W. spells it as "Arthur Salvo".
    • The Longest Weekend spells it as "Art Disalvo".
    • How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying spells it as "Art DeSalvo". This one's used for the page.
  • He states that "Cash" is his maiden name.
  • He assured Bernice that he is a completely legitimate businessman that is not a scam artist currently wanted in 18 states.
  • After Art was met without any sort of applause for his introduction in The Longest Weekend, his next introduction in How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying shows him with a sound machine playing a recording of a standing ovation.