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Aunt Jane Cornfed is a one-time character in Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. She is Cornfed's aunt who owns a catfish farm in Louisiana.


She was seen to be sweet and mild mannered, but could easily get tough when she needed to be.

She's been shown to be good at raising animals and taking care of plants. When we first see her, she's finishing up her tomato plants, when she turns around and sees her nephew Cornfed at her front step.

When Cornfed takes Beverly and Duckman to visit her, they find that her farm is experiencing financial difficulties. She could barely make her loan payments these days.

Her hands are fixing to drive the herd to Texas, and it's her last chance to save the ranch where her father and grandfather lived and died.

Big Jack McBastard found that Jane had to fire the hands on account of their assault on Duckman, so Cornfed, Beverly and of course, Duckman had to drive the catfish to Texas themselves. Otherwise, Jane would lose everything.



  • Cornfed writes letters to her regularly. He wrote about Beverly, of whom he was developing an infatuation with. He also wrote about Duckman, and from the letters, she could've sworn that Duckman had a literal penis for a head.
  • Aunt Jane calls Cornfed by his first name, which was revealed in Pig Amok.