Baron Von Dillweed
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Bernice Hufnagel (ex fiance)


Network Head

Voiced By:

David Rasche

Character Edit

Baron Von Dillweed was a millionaire who owned the home shopping network, BVD, which had the slogan "Stop the Inanity". He met Bernice at a resort in Mexico and used her desperation to manipulate her into marrying him, so that he could adopt her nephews, as he had been told that having a wife and children would make him more relatable to his key demographic. He planned to marry Bernice live on his network, and then take her and the children to live in Switzerland. He seduced the boys with expensive gifts Duckman could never afford, while also exploiting a loophole in Beatrice's will. He offered Bernice the job of spokeswoman for his new product, a glorified rubber band. While snooping around Duckman discovered that Dilweed had accidentialy bought a glass eye company and had thousands of useless glass eyes in a warehouse which he planned on selling to people once his shoddy product caused it's users to lose an eye. Duckman confronts him with this information in the middle of the wedding, which he confesses to. Duckman puts his eye out with one of the rubber bands before he is able to make his escape.

His last name is slang for pubic hair.

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