Bev Takes a Holiday is the twelfth episode of season four.

Bev Takes a Holiday
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Season 4, Episode 12

Written By:

Gene Laufenberg

Michael Markowitz

David Misch

Directed By:

Stig Bergquist and Toni Vian


A Star is Abhorred


Love! Anger! Kvetching!

Air Date:

March 22nd, 1997


Bernice travels to Washington to assume her new role as Congresswoman. Duckman spots a woman who happens to look like Beatrice, but is actually Beatrice and Bernice's other sister Beverly. Duckman goes chasing after her through the streets, convinced she is his dead wife, but gets hit by a bus. Bev goes to the hospital to check on him where she is mistaken for Bernice and told the only way to keep Duckman alive is to pretend to be Beatrice.


  • Episode Title Reference: The film, Death Takes a Holiday.
  • This is the second episode in the series to have a cold open.
  • When Beverly first arrives at the Duckman house, Mambo wants to go and see who just came in the door, but Charles has to use the bathroom. Mambo doesn't let him and forces him to go with him. At the end of the episode however, it's Mambo who asks "Can I go pee now?", when it should be Charles.
  • Bernice makes a joke about Storm Thurmond dropping dead. After which text appears on screen telling viewers to ignore the joke when it becomes dated. Storm Thurmond ended up dying in 2003, a few days before this episode was re-run on Comedy Central.

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Nurse: Ma'am, please wait outside. The doctor may need to start slamming his fist on the patient's chest and shout, 'Live! Damn you, live!' and that can be hard to watch.