Beverly Hufnagel
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First Appearance:

Bev Takes a Holiday

Last Appearance:

Four Weddings Inconceivable


Grandma-ma (mother)
Bernice Hufnagel and Beatrice Hufnagel (sisters)
Ajax Duckman and Charles and Mambo(nephews)
Eric Duckman (brother-in law)

Voiced By:

Nancy Travis

Beverly Glenn Hufnagel (voiced by Nancy Travis): Beatrice and Bernice's lovely blue eyed sister. It was revealed in the fourth season that Bernice and Duckman's wife Beatrice were separated from their triplet sister at birth. Eventually, she tracked them down and took over Bernice's place in the household when Bernice was elected to Congress. She is much nicer to Duckman than Bernice was, and sees the good in him, though she never ceases to be disgusted or mildly offended by his overall behavior. Other than just having a different hairstyle comparing to Bernice's, Bev is distinguished by her blue eyes. Though Duckman often wooed her, Beverly took more of an interest in Cornfed and the feeling was mutual.

Appearences Edit


  • She posed for Maxim Magazine in 1989.