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Beverly Glenn Hufnagel was introduced within Season 4 as one of the main characters of Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. She took Bernice's place in the household when Bernice was elected to Congress.


It was revealed in the twelfth episode of the fourth season that Bernice and Duckman's wife Beatrice were separated from their triplet sister at birth.

When Duckman mistook her for his deceased wife, Beatrice, he chased after her, and ran into a truck. To help him pull through, Beverly made him continue to believe that she really was Beatrice, giving him the will to keep alive.

Prior to moving into the Duckman household, Beverly mentioned a failed marriage or her's, on top of a series of bad relationships. It left her searching for a bond to anyone.

She hired a local detective to seek out her blood relatives, where she learns that she's a triplet. She was scared to meet them, because she feels she would be practically walking into a stranger's life.

She is much more understanding to Duckman than Bernice was, and sees the good he has to offer, though she never ceases to be disgusted or mildly offended by his overall behavior.

Her understanding of Duckman may come from her own low key perversity, as she mentions that she has a subscription to Playgirl, which she cites as the reason why she's fine with Duckman's Penthouse enthusiasm.

Duckman often attempted to woo her, however Beverly took more of a romantic interest in Cornfed, and the feeling was mutual.

Other than just having a different hairstyle comparing to Bernice's, Bev is distinguished by her blue eyes.

Bev is often flirted with, which seems to annoy her quite a bit. Even the detective that tracked down her blood relatives offered an option to reduce her pay by partaking in sexual intercourse with him, to which she simply takes the file, and bluntly walks off.

She's a kind soul overall, but she's well aware of when to draw the line, even with Duckman.



  • Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione recognized Beverly when he saw her. He simply stated "October 1989", implying she has posed for him in the past.
  • Sometimes, the DVD closed captioning will still mistake her for Bernice.
  • Both Bernice and Beverly took Tai Chi at the Learning Annex prior to the events of Ebony, Baby.
  • Cornfed has written letters to his Aunt Jane about Beverly, and when they visited her ranch, Jane notes Beverly was even prettier than Cornfed described her.