This is a list of characters who do not have any major bearing on the plot, reoccur with different personalities to fit the story, or background props who are re-used enough to be recognizable. 

The Neighbours Edit

Duckman's neighbours, excluding Dr. Ben Stein, appear often but with interchangeable personalities and usually only as a group, or to fill backgrounds.

Sex Workers, Bimbos and Sluts Edit

Strippers and prostitutes hired by Duckman or women (and occasional men) Duckman hits on fall under this category. They may not necessarily be a sex worker, bimbo or slut, but they are identified by their similar character designs. Big eyes, long legs and an hour-glass figure, usually taken to the point of absurdity. They often wear the same type of choker necklace with a gold charm hanging off it. Some characters like this are more relevant to the story, like Sherry or Fantine and Cosette. These are the more incidental characters.


School Kids Edit

Kids in attendance of Ajax's or Charles' and Mambo's schools, Mid-City High and Mid-City Jr. High.

Others Edit

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