Brad Gililand

Brad - High School

Brad - Homeless

Brad - Dressed up




First Appearance:

From Brad to Worse


Unnamed Parents

Sparkle (Pet, species unknown)


Fashion designer

Voiced By:

Peter Scolari

Brad Gililand is Duckman and Cornfed's friend back in their high school days, who had idolized Duckman, and saw him as a role model.

Character Edit

Years later, Duckman comes across Brad and discovers he is now homeless. Duckman presumes this is because of how he was expelled after taking credit for a dangerous and elaborate prank that a young Duckman pulled on Principle Dinkler.

After the prank, Brad and his family were forced to move several times, because everywhere they went, somebody would learn about the "Dinkler Incident". Eventually he ran away from his parents in order to give them a chance to live, and ended up homeless from then on.

Duckman tries to make it up to Brad by taking him into his home, getting him cleaned up and finding him a job and housing. Cornfed, meanwhile, decides to investigate the incident, to find out who actually pulled the fateful prank.

After the two are thrown in prison for credit fraud thanks to Duckman, Brad reveals to Social Services that during all these years, he'd been sitting on a brilliant invention. A suit that changes color to indicate ones mood, entitled: the "Mood Suit".

Soon after, Duckman and Brad are released of charges, and Brad's Mood Suit is bought by a rich man in the rag trade, and Brad is given a job by him.

Brad, Duckman and Cornfed are later tranquilized and kidnapped by Principle Dinkler, where they all confess and discover that all three of them had a hand in the prank that started the whole thing.

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