Cellar Beware is the tenth episode of first season.

Cellar Beware
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Season 1, Episode 10

Air Date:

May 21st, 1993

Written By:

Ladd Graham

Directed By:

Norton Virgien


It's the Thing of the Principal


American Dicks


Bernice decides they're going to act together as a family. For their first activity together, she invites the neighbors over for the monthly meeting of the block association. When a home security expert shows up, his pitch gets Duckman to buy the most elaborate security system, the "Interlopen Fuhrer 2000," which only ends up attracting robbers who thought their house was empty before. Bernice blames him for the robbery and to prove he can protect his family, he attempts to fix the system. He ends up breaking it, as the security system was highly dangerous if one was "stupid enough to go inside the console and try to fix it [them]selves." The security system now thinks the Duckman family are intruders and attempts to kill them. They make a run for the basement and are trapped. However the system soon detects them. They find an emergency shut off switch, but it was a fake and only ends up giving the system more incentive to kill them. With only a minute left to live the family cries together, but the pain from Ajax's infected eye (he put on a contact lense he found on the basement floor) causes him to run into a wall. The bomb falls out of the wall and rolls over to them, counting only five seconds until the explosion. In a last ditch attempt to save his family, Duckman heroically instructs the kids and Bernice to duck as he throws himself on the bomb. Just as the counter reaches one, nothing happens. Cornfed opens the basement door revealing he shut off the system by tripping over a cord on the front steps.


  • Episode Title Reference: The phrase "Seller Beware", or more commonly "Buyer Beware".
  • This episode reveals that Duckman stole the family dog Gecko from the neighbours, and that his real name is Sparky.
  • Appearently, Beatrice and Bernice's father hated Duckman.
  • Charles sarcastically remarks that the robbers at least left him the lint in his pants pockets, but he isn't wearing pants and the pocket he pulls the lint from is his jacket pocket.
  • Mambo sleeps late on Saturdays.
  • This is the first of many times throughout the series and other media (the comics and video games for example) that Duckman is shown to be willing to give up his own life to save his children.

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  • Blessed Relief by Frank Zappa

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