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First Appearance:

America the Beautiful

Voiced By:

Bobcat Goldthwait

Character Edit

Cinque was a college student who used to date America. He was a hippie guitar player and heavy drug user, who got America into drug use as well. Being voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait, naturally he was often loud and nonsensical.

Metaphorical Context Edit

Cinque represents the 1960's and the hippie movement. The movement itself is critisized in the episode as being wealthy college students who's interest in civil rights movements and injustice were self serving in nature. Cinque's yearning for freedom and experimentation was in reality nothing more then taking drugs and being wasted, accomplishing nothing. On the college campus a sign with a drop-box is seen that reads "Classes Cancelled Today For Protest: Insert Cause Here." When the police show up it is shown that they have a need to rebel against authority figures, in order to feel as though they are changing the world, when in reality they have no real cause to fight.

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