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Clear and Presidente Danger is the 8th episode of season 3.

Clear and Presidente Danger
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Air Date:

March 2nd, 1996

Written By:

Doug Chamberlin and Chris Webb

Directed By:

John Eng


Apocalypse Not


The Girls of Route Canal


Duckman and his family win a trip to a third-world Latin American country. Duckman starts a revolution with his ranting and gets placed into power where he becomes as corrupt as the last rulling party. This requires Cornfed to form a revolution and rescue Duckman and group.


  • Episode Title Reference: The phrase "Clear and present danger".
  • In this season, Duckman twice proves that he can fart more powerfully than Grandma-ma. First in this episode, later in The Amazing Colossal Duckman
  • When Cornfed and the family charge in on horses to rescue Duckman, they resemble the Mexican-revelution era art of the revolutionaries.
  • The episode starts at a McDonalds parody owned by Mick Jagger called "McJagger's", and also features a caricature of Keith Richards.



Duckman: Would a MADMAN come up with a different victory dance for every country he conquers!? Canada! Swaziland! Boise! Cornfed: Duckman, despite a weakness for the Canada Dance, I feel I must resign as your secretary of state.