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Clip Job is the finale episode of second season.

Clip Job
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Season 2, Episode 9

Air Date:

May 8th, 1995

Written By:

David Misch

Directed By:

Jeff McGrath


Research and Destroy


Noir Gang


Duckman is kidnapped by an irate ex-TV critic who doesn't like the lack of morals portrayed on his television show.


  • The episode does not begin with the title sequence, though the opening scene isn't much of a cold open.
  • A clip from "Forbidden Fruit" is featured in this show. "Forbidden Fruit" was the next episode on the production schedule, and the clip for it looks rougher than others (because the episode was presumably still being finished). The "Forbidden Fruit" episode aired 8 months after it was featured here. One of the rare instances where a clip for a future episode appeared on a clip-show before the actual episode had even aired.
  • What a way to do a clip show!
  • "Joking the Chicken" and "Research and Destroy" are the only episodes that Medfly didn't display clips from.
  • Most of the clips from older episodes have re-recorded dialogue for Duckman.
  • The clip of Duckman yelling at Bernice in his detective office in "Married Alive" has the wrong audio playing. In that episode, he is actually saying "First you come between me and my children, now me and my PARTNER?"
  • Medfly vows to return as a reoccurring villain when people got tired of King Chicken, but he never returned, as apparently nobody ever got tired of King Chicken.

Main Characters

First Appearences


Harry Medfly: You stupid, clumsy, idiotic, brain-dead, yellow imbecile!!

Harry Medfly: I'll be back, Duckman, you'll see! I'll be a recurring villain every fifth or sixth episode after people get tired of King Chicken! I'm better looking, more intelligent, have a higher TV cue...

Cornfed: Bernice, I came as soon as I heard Duckman was missing.

Bernice: So did I, but then I got worried!