Coolio Runnings

Coolio Runnings
Coolio and the Duckman family.png

Season 4, Episode 2

Air Date:

January 11th, 1997

Written By:

Bill Canterbury

Gene Laufenberg

David Misch

Directed By:

Jeff McGrath


Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat


All About Elliot

Coolio Runnings is the second episode of the final season.


With the Father & Son Games coming up, Duckman looks for an alternative to competing with Ajax, as he lacks any athletic ability. He spots a more than adequate replacement in recording artist Coolio, who's returned to school to replace his high school diploma. Coolio agrees to be adopted by Duckman at first, but backs out of competing when he sees how much the neglect is hurting Ajax. Duckman ultimately decides to compete with Ajax, and even though they don't win, it has made Duckman and Ajax's bond stronger.


  • It is revealed that Dr. Ben Stein has a son.
  • At the end of the episode, Coolio performs his song "Geto Highlites". It's mentioned right before that "plugging a song is the only reason pop idols appear on a show like this."
  • When "Geto Highlites" is being performed, the closed captions on the DVD release mistake the lyric "Be your own good ride" as "Be it wrong or right."
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