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Dammit, Hollywood is the first episode of the finale season.

Dammit, Hollywood

Air Date:

January 4th, 1997

Written By:

Michael Markowitz and Jeff Reno

Directed By:

Peter Shin


Cock Tales for Four


Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat


Annoyed with the current state of the film industry, Duckman goes to Hollywood to demand his $7 back. Instead, he falls into the plot of a soon-to-be deposed studio executive, a man who's looking for a patsy to run the studio into the ground in hopes of saving his own job. Duckman becomes head of Paradox Pictures, where "if it's a good movie its a Paradox". He quickly begins running through the studio's money, signs a secretary to a 340 million dollar deal to star in a movie in her underpants. The deposed executive also arranges it so that Duckman manages to alienate the studio's three biggest action stars.


  • Writer/producer Michael Markowitz notes: "Dammit, Hollywood" was originally written to be a theatrical trailer, a la "Roger Rabbit", to run before "Beavis & Butt-head do America" and/or "Howard Stern's Private Parts." It was also supposed to star Willis, Schwarzenegger and Stallone as themselves. We came a lot closer to making the three voices come true than we did the trailer, which fell victim to studio bureaucracy.
  • This episode establishes that the Duckman family live in California.
  • During the scene near the middle of the episode where Duckman was driving across Hollywood studios while discussing deals on the phone, originally the song "The Power" by SNAP! was playing. This was changed to generic music on the DVD version.
  • Considered by fans to be the worst episode of the series.


In their tirade against Duckman, Willis, Stallone and Schwarzenegger have destroyed the restaurant that was to be unveiled. Stallone: It was just millions of dollars wasted on something with no real purpose but to make more millions of dollars. Schwarzenegger: Ja, just like our movies.