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Days of Whining and Neurosis is the third episode of the second season.

Days of Whining and Neurosis
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Season 2, Episode 3

Air Date:

March 25th, 1995

Written By:

Gary Glasberg

Directed By:

John Eng


Married Alive


Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial


Duckman & Cornfed go undercover into an exclusive celebrity-filled rehab centre to investigate one of the support groups.


  • Writer/producer Michael Markowitz notes: Another unfortunate cut was made due to time. The group therapy scene in "Days of Whining and Neurosis" originally contained a cameo by Jack Riley, as his "Bob Newhart Show" character, Elliott Karlin. Jack was hilarious, and it was great fun seeing two of the crabbiest characters in TV history meet, but the episode ran long and the scene had to come out.
  • In order to get into the spa, Bernice dresses the family up as singers, resembling both the Osmonds and the Partridge Family, Charles and Mambo in particular are dressed as Donny and Marie.
  • Roxanne, John and Roulette previously appeared in "Joking the Chicken"

Main Characters


Dr. Milo: I believe someone is trying to kill me.
Cornfed: Do you have any proof?
Dr. Milo: (pulls out a note) This note.
Duckman: (reads) "Dr. Milo, I'm trying to kill you." Hmm, nothing more definite. (crumbles the note and throws it away)
Dr. Milo: (pulls out a gun) I found a gun.
Duckman: Probably a toy... (shoots a bird outside without looking)
Dr. Milo: (pulls out a knife) And a knife.
Duckman: Proves nothing! (throws the knife outside, stabbing another bird)
Dr. Milo: (pulls out a lit bomb) And this bomb.
Duckman: I get these every day. (throws the bomb out the window, with an explosion occuring about 4 seconds later, harming another bird)