Dr. Ben Stein
Ben Stein
"Well hello. I'm ecstatic to see you."






Lionel Stein (son)

First Appearance:

A Room With a Bellevue

Voiced By:

Ben Stein

Dr. Ben Stein is an overly deadpan medical professional, and one of Duckman's neighbors. He was once a cameo appearance in A Room With a Bellevue, but would later become a recurring character.

Character Edit

He is Duckman's doctor and neighbor. He has a son that attends school with Ajax. He works as both a medical doctor and a psychologist. He is a caricature of his voice actor, Ben Stein, who is known for his monotone voice.

He was once pressed into service for Ajax's school when the state cut the funding, so he briefly worked as a bus driver. He takes pride in what he does as a psychiatrist, sometimes bringing it up in the midst of conversation. This once annoyed Bernice. Ben was once bribed by Tad Venom to convince North Phlegm Avenue to be annexed by Dutch Elm Street during a war between the two streets.

Ben Stein is the boss of Dr. Craig Ehrlich, provided physical therapy for Muriel (one of Ajax's teachers), and he has a child named Lionel (who shares his droning voice). Despite Duckman being a nuisance, Dr. Stein can put that aside, and he thinks of him as a friend. When Ehrlich was treating Duckman following a truck injury, Ben took over and saved his life. After Stein brings Duckman's pulse back, Ehrlich exclaims "your methods may be unorthodox, but you're a hell of a doctor" before shaking his hand.

Appearances Edit

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