Dr. Craig Ehrlich
"I don't care enough about what you think of me to lie to you."





First Appearance:

They Craved Duckman's Brain!

Voiced By:

Eugene Levy

Dr. Craig Ehrlich is a disgruntled medical professional who had a career-long ambition to put an end to the disease of cancer. He is described by Joe Walsh to be a man that's "got a lot of rage".

Character Edit

Following an impromptu MRI scan, Ehrlich discovered that Duckman's brain contained an isotope that is the cure for cancer. At first, his plan was to kidnap Duckman and get the cure by operating on him (ultimately killing him).

However, he later decides this would be wrong, and as such, he tries to keep Duckman safe from the higher-ups that discovered this too, but want him dead so they could further profit from cancer.

The general public finds out too, and tries to "crack open his head" so they could get it, and leave Duckman with a series of brain injuries... that happened to have provided a clear path to that isotope, so Ehrlich can extract it. Unfortunately, a cat winds up eating it, and the public tries to chase the cat.

In Bev Takes a Holiday, Dr. Ehrlich attempted to treat Duckman, following a truck incident wherein he was chasing someone who he believed to be his deceased wife, Beatrice. The operation was taken over by the director of medical services, Dr. Ben Stein. After Stein brings Duckman's pulse back, Ehrlich exclaims "your methods may be unorthodox, but you're a hell of a doctor" before shaking his hand.

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