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Dr. Remus Elliott is a one-time character in Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. Elliot was a mysterious and creepy intern at the Duckman Detective Agency.


He is able to manipulate Duckman and his family into trusting him, but Cornfed is suspicious. He seemed obsessed with indulging Duckman in all of his vices, such as unhealthy food, caffeine, pornography and cigarettes.

Elliott meanwhile has also been slowly destroying Cornfed's reputation by mixing up the dates in his appointment book, pretending to be him on the phone and insulting a nun at an orphanage Cornfed volunteers at.

After reading a college newspaper, Cornfed discovers that Elliott's true name is Dr. Remus Elliott, and he has been conducting an experiment on Duckman to prove you can kill a person using pleasure.

As for taking down Cornfed, aside from simply not liking him, Elliott had well-perceived Cornfed as the only person in Duckman's life who cared enough to look out for him. Elliott didn't count on Duckman's resilience however, as he only needed a quick nap/coma for his body to reset itself.




  • Elliott is named after his voice actor, Chris Elliott. 
  • Elliott says Charles and Mambo remind him of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
  • Elliott reasons that the big reason as to why he tried to ruin Cornfed's good name is that he just didn't care for him. He says there was sort of a wall between them.