Dr. Susan Fox
Susan Fox
"If everyone thinks you're bad, the only way to convince them otherwise is to share how you feel from the heart."




Psychologist, Therapist, Author

First Appearance:

Role With It

Voiced By:

Dana Delany

Dr. Susan Fox was a psychologist and therapist who offered to council the Duckman family. She spotted them on their vacation, and concluded they would suffer a complete break down if she did not intervene. Plus, it means she could write a book on this, in lieu of writing one on the anxiety disorder of Agoraphobia.

Character Edit

Dr. Fox appears to have a sense of humor about her profession for the most part. She's normally calmed, but easily bothered.

She's well-known in her professions, to the point that Bernice immediately recognized her, and was awe-struck at her very appearance. She was often irritated at Duckman's flirting, but not very acknowledging of it. Duckman was trying to get a peek down her blouse throughout the whole session, and she only acknowledged that when she needed an example of how much Duckman will fight for what he wants.

The task of counseling the Duckman family did not prove itself easy, and it would appear she had only managed to make things worse when she brought the family's individual faults to the foreground.

By the end of the session however, she would have appeared to have brought the family closer together by allowing them to vent their frustrations about Duckman through role playing. And she helped Duckman fight for himself by encouraging him to play out each role of the family.

She notes that the reason she got into psychology was to find complex answers to people's real problems. However, under the influence of money, her new ideal was to make up problems and give people easy answers to them. As such, she simply chose to forget the whole session happened.

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