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Duckman: The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick
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Published By:

Playmates Interactive Entertainment

Designed By:

The Illusions Game Company


May 31st, 1997


Adventure/Point and Click


DOS, Macintosh, Microsoft, Windows

Duckman: The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick (also referred to as "Duckman: The Legend of the Fall") is a CD-ROM point-and-click adventure game based on Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man, developed by the Illusions Gaming Company.

It was released on May 31st, 1997 for Windows 95.


The gameplay is that of a standard point and click adventure.

Duckman can interact with and use collected items on various characters and objects.

There are two ways to interact with a person: a normal way and an angry way.

Being based on the popular animated sitcom, the game is filled with black humor.

The game contains about thirty locations.


Private detective Duckman becomes a celebrity and is about to star in his own TV show.

Now, he lives his life with pleasure, abandoning his family, only to be one day removed and replaced by a new Duckman, a more muscular and superhero-like.

The Duckman is about to commit suicide, being rejected by his family, however, his friend, Cornfed, asks him to return his place under the sun and take down the new Duckman.

After a series of humorous adventures, Duckman is able to gain access to the studio where the show is filming.

There, he confronts his impersonator, who is revealed to be a robot, and is then destroyed.

The game culminates with Duckman opposing the one behind the whole impersonator plot, his archenemy, the 'King' Chicken.


The game's plot and dialogue were scripted over several days in meetings between the development team and the writers for the Duckman television show.

The game was developed on the Illusions Gaming Company's usual adventure game engine, though modified to allow the developers to script directly into the program.

Jason Alexander, who voiced Duckman in the television show, turned down the role for the video game.

Playing Duckman painfully strained Alexander's voice, and as such he felt the game's script, which included over five times as many lines for his part as he had in a typical episode of the show, would be too much for him.

Veteran actor Michael J. Gough provides his voice for Duckman instead.

The remainder of the show's cast all reprised their roles for the game.

Whereas the full version was released exclusively for Windows, the demo bundled in the Playmates Interactive sampler CD was produced in DOS format.



  • The German release of this title is called "Duckman: Ente süß-sauer"
  • Said to be one of the rarest CD-ROM's in existence, due to it's limited release.
  • A PlayStation port was planned, but was cancelled.0
  • Early on in the game, Duckman makes a crack about how he thinks Jon Lovitz is annoying.