Ebony, Baby
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Season 4, Episode 15

Originally Aired:

April 26th, 1997

Written By:

Gene Grillo

Directed By:

Steve Loter


Duckman and Cornfed in 'Haunted Society Plumbers'


Vuuck, as in Duck

Ebony, Baby is the fifteenth episode of season four.


Cornfed leaves for a much-needed vacation. While he is away, Duckman becomes mesmerized by a black model/private eye who quickly gets him involved in a world of murder, power, lust and every blacksploitation cliché that exists with a side of a Spelling/Goldberg production.


  • Ebony's Theme", lyrics by Gene Grillo and music by Scott Wilk & Todd Yvega.
  • Ebony, Bernice and Beverly make a Charlie's Angel's reference.