Ebony Sable
Ebony Sable
"Ebony's hungry, blood's on the menu, and you're a vegetarian."



First appearance:

Ebony, Baby


Private investigator

Voiced by:

Tisha Campbell-Martin

Ebony Sable is a private investigator. Duckman meets her while Cornfed is off on a much-needed vacation, and he tries to help her out when her client was shot.

Character Edit

Ebony is a wily and streetwise living blaxploitation spoof who works as a private investigator. Ebony is very determined and extremely confident. She's also very skilled in combat, able to inflict mass damage in mere seconds. When we first see her, she's working undercover as a fashion model when terrorist Wilhelm Vanderklerk pulls an assassination of her client, Victor Demann.

Duckman immediately falls for her, and he offers to help, because he got a clear sight of Vanderklerk at the fashion show. She is driven to avenge Victor Demann, and she's never lost a client before this, so she accepts Duckman's assistance.

Ebony eventually begins to warm up to Duckman, and says that the thing she likes about him is how he says whatever he thinks-- no matter how stupid it is. Duckman winds up saving her life in combat, so to pay it back, she engages in coitus with him. However, the two were stopped before it could happen, and Ebony was kidnapped by Vanderklerk's minions.

Duckman later finds that both Sable and his family were kidnapped, and being held hostage in the Duckman house. After Duckman unties her, she, Bernice and Beverly take down all Vanderklerk's goons (Bernice and Beverly previously took Tai Chi at the Learning Annex) while Duckman rushes for Vanderklerk himself.

Vanderklerk's helicopter malfunctions when he tries to get away, so the problem solves itself. Duckman begs her to stay with him after, but she refuses because of their abundant differences. She's a lone wolf, and he's a cowardly, sexist moron. She gives him one last kiss, and the final shot of the episode shows her walking away while Duckman looks at her through the front window.

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