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Eric Tiberius Duckman, or simply just Duckman, is the eponymous character of Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. The show primarily follows his life a year after his wife, Beatrice, died.


Duckman is portrayed as a lazy, incompetent, self-serving, morally unscrupulous, sexual deviant. The fact that he is also remarkably clueless (as a both parent and detective) is very much a comic fodder for the character.

He is a widower; when his wife Beatrice died, she left their house to her sister Bernice, so as to ensure some sort of stable environment for her and Duckman's three children: Ajax, Charles and Mambo.

Though frequently taking his children for granted, Duckman honestly loves and cares for them.

He graduated high school in 1976, and is also a graduate of Don Galloway Detective School and has a detective license from Panama signed by Manuel Noriega.

Duckman is an Aries, born April 18, as revealed in With Friends Like These.

Duckman wears glasses which contain his eyes. They can be removed like normal glasses, taking his eyes with them. His glasses stay up, even though he has no ears (something that Cornfed once observed with fascination). He is the only main character to not have any clothes on.

Duckman has a multitude of catchphrases, including "What the hell are you staring at?", "Hommina hommina how wah", "Whatever" (whenever corrected by his kids) and his trademark scream of "D'wah!"


On the Duckman DVD collection, Duckman's bio is given as the following;

  • Private dick and family man
  • His detective licence is from Panama, signed by Manuel Noriega
  • Widowed after he accidentally caused the death of his wife, Beatrice, and force to co-habitate with his hateful sister-in-law, Bernice and his kids
  • Cowardly, slovenly, lazy, bumbling, arrogant, and selfish with little self-respect
  • A fallen idealist who envisions himself as someone who tries to make the world a better place
  • Struggles with being labeled as an animal
  • Responsible for the deaths of both his wife and his father and for King Chicken's crossover into a life of crime

Duckman Loves:

  • His kids.
  • Cornfed Pig.
  • Women, Lots of women. And their breasts.
  • Red meat, smoking and booze.
  • Ranting about everything that's wrong with society.
  • His wife Beatrice.

Duckman Hates:

  • Struggling to connect with his kids.
  • His sister-in-law, Bernice.
  • Political correctness.
  • The fact that red meat, smoking and booze are all bad for him. Character Bio

On Klasky Csupo's flash website, Duckman's bio is given as the following;

Duckman is a father to 2.5 kids (one who has 2 heads) and also runs his own private investigation firm. He is lazy, sarcastic and obnoxious, and usually has a cutting quip or insult on the tip of his tongue. Because he is easily distracted by beautiful women or get-rich-quick schemes, he relies heavily on his right-hand-pig Cornfed, who has gotten him out of numerous precarious predicaments. Duckman is also a widow, and when his wife died he began living with her sister, Bernice, who hates Duckman with a passion. He also has an arch-enemy named King Chicken who blames Duckman for every problem in the world and is constantly looking for revenge. With all this animosity directed toward the poor water fowl, is it any wonder that his catch phrase is "What the hell are you staring at?!?"

Family and Relationships

Cornfed Pig

Duckman's photo of the two of them, as seen in All About Elliott.

Cornfed is Duckman's extremely loyal and extremely competent partner, which makes up for Duckman's extreme incompetence.

The two first met in high school in the 1970's and parted ways after graduation, leading very different lives.

They crossed paths again shortly after the death of Beatrice's first husband Richard. She'd been having an affair with Duckman prior to this and after the funeral Duckman searched the world for her (despite her being at her house.)

While in a New York airport he came across Cornfed who was a baggage handler at the time. He suggested looking for her at her house and promptly drove Duckman there, as he was trucking there for his other job anyways.

They met for the third time shortly after Duckman had received his detectives license, and Cornfed was nearly done getting his.

Cornfed was working a night shift at a bakery Duckman was in, when a crazed gunman came in and attempted to shoot him, Cornfed took the bullet for him. Immediately after as Duckman called 911, he saved him from choking and then from being shot again, taking two bullets for him. At this time Duckman invited him to be his partner.

Duckman and Cornfed have a strong and solid friendship, as shown in numerous episodes. Duckman does tend to take advantage of Cornfed and in turn Cornfed looks down on Duckman for both his lack of skills and dubious morality.

Duckman has been known to betray Cornfed on several occasions, but Cornfed is always loyal to Duckman. Even when it seems he has betrayed Duckman, it is always part of a clever rouse.

Beatrice Hufnagel-Duckman

Beatrice asks Duckman to make love to her.

Duckman's late wife.

They met while Duckman was working as a photographer, sent to take photographs of the covered bridges in the small farming town Beatrice was living with her then husband Richard.

After crashing his car into a cow, Beatrice ran over to help him, and invited him into her home. Duckman wasn't aware of Beatrice's marital status, as Richard happened to be out of town that week.

Beatrice and Duckman immediately connected and were extremely attracted to each other. The two began what Duckman didn't know was an affair.

Once Richard returned home, and Duckman learned he was her husband, he left their home, dejected. He left, but he found he could not get Beatrice out of his mind and decided to tell Richard of the whole affair (and tell him in great detail).

However, due to Richard's heart condition, hearing the news ended up killing him. After his death Beatrice confessed that she was never in love with him, and after an unnecessary wild goose chase on Duckman's part, the two were reunited.

It turned out that Duckman had impregnated her, and they soon were married. When she revealed her pregnancy, she was already about eight weeks in, so presumably the wedding took place after Ajax's birth, as she was not pregnant at the wedding.

In The Once and Future Duck however Duckman's wedding to Beatrice was said to be eighteen years ago, which would be three years before Ajax was born. An explanation for this could be that her first pregnancy miscarried, or was still-born.

It is unclear when exactly they moved to the city, but they lived in their current house about five years later, when Charles and Mambo were babies. She died about ten years later, and not much is known about the time in-between.

Duckman's love for Beatrice is the strongest in his life, aside from maybe his love for his children. After her death Duckman continued to love her extremely deeply, going so far as to say that he will love her until the day he dies.

Despite how lustful and flirtatious Duckman is, it took him a great amount of time to be able to start seeing other people after her death due to the guilt of betraying her, and the guilt of being partially responsible for her death.


Bernice yelling at Duckman.

Duckman would seem to have nothing but contempt for his sister in-law Bernice.

Rightfully so, as she is often abrasive, demanding and abusive towards him.

On rare occasions, one might admit that they love or respect the other, or come very close to admitting it at the very least.

Bernice moved in after Beatrice died to help raise her nephews. The house was transferred to her name thanks to Beatrice's will, and due to this or at least partially she has little to no respect for how the family's home life operated before she moved in.

She promptly changed the family's diet, routine and kicked Duckman out of the master bedroom.

Because of her loathing of Duckman, she has taught his sons, particularly Charles and Mambo, to disrespect and ridicule their father.

Duckman keeps a photo of himself, Beatrice and Bernice from their wedding on his work desk, and has torn out Bernice's face on it. Bernice has this exact same photo, except she has Duckman's face torn out from it.

Duckman and Bernice once got drunk in a hotel room together and slept together. The two were both disgusted by this and agreed to never speak of it again.

Interestingly, in Duckman's original USA movie, based loosely on his real life, he named the film's femme fatale and love interest Bernice, making her the sister of the Duckman character (rather than sister in-law), hinting some type of possible attraction to her on some level, and also playing into his incest kink.

All that is known about Bernice and Duckman's relationship prior to the start of the series is that she was in his wedding party and that he accidentally kissed her at a party once, mistaking her for Beatrice.

Ajax Duckman

Ajax tries to speak with Duckman.

Duckman's oldest son.

Ajax is a daddy's boy, and feels a stronger connection to his father than to any other member of the family.

Subsequently, Duckman feels as though Ajax is the only one in the family he truly connects with and can relate to.

Despite this strong emotional bond, Duckman's selfishness often prevents him from making time for Ajax.

He is however extremely protective of him, as shown in Ride the High School and It's the Thing of the Principal, where in he attempts to stop Ajax from becoming his Vice Principal's child groom, as well as numerous other episodes.

Duckman finds it difficult to watch Ajax cry.

Ajax is also a classic "Distressed Dude" archetype, basically a male "Damsel in Distress." Although Duckman's entire family is often held hostage or threatened by the show's numerous villains, Ajax is targeted the most frequently.

Duckman will always risk everything to save him, and can many times be his sole motivation for solving a case or taking down a criminal.

Charles and Mambo Duckman

Mambo telling Duckman about a surrogate father figure they hired.

Duckman's youngest sons.

While they love him as a father, they do not see Duckman as someone worthy of their respect and often ridicule him and run him down.

Quite often, they also express apathy and disdain for him and it is also mentioned on one occasion that they “turn against him on a weekly basis”. This fact distresses Duckman, and sometimes leads him to question whether or not they love him.

Like with Ajax, Duckman is extremely protective of them, but often lets them down.

He has great difficulty remembering Mambo's name and has missed a handful of events that were important to the twins, such as their eleventh birthday and numerous tuba recitals.

Because of Charles and Mambo's high intellect, they often look down on those not as smart as them, especially Duckman. Despite this, Charles and Mambo are shown to have a similar protectiveness over Duckman, and admire his knowledge on certain subjects such as romance and the imperfection/perfection paradox.

They continually pressure him to be a better role model for them, something he tries to comply with but usually fails. They want Duckman to be someone they can respect and look up to, but find he doesn't measure up.


Duckman and Angela's reunion.

In About Face, after calling 911 because Mambo was choking, Duckman fell in love with the operator's voice.

She later called back to check up on Mambo, as he was the first life she helped save.

They arranged to meet, and when they did, Duckman discovered she was extremely ugly but was still deeply in love with her.

After punching a waiter at a restaurant for his reaction to her face, Angela decided to get a makeover.

This makeover offered her a career as an enormously successful supermodel.

Because of this Duckman felt she was now too good for him and that he would be holding her back, so he broke up with her.

In Color of Naught, Angela and Duckman meet again, however there is contempt on Angela's side.

Angela was the spokeswoman for Lady Beautex, a product put together by King Chicken. It would seem Angela's personality has changed after her time with Beautex, and she was constantly giving Duckman the cold shoulder.

She goes to the Duckman household to get the payment for all the Beautex products that Duckman was using, only to find him hidden in the basement.

When she hears his use of Beautex was an effort to get back together with her, Angela becomes enraged, and mentions how long she was waiting for him at the Chinese restaurant where they first dated. She tells him she's happier without him-- which is made to be a clear lie when she immediately tears up.

Duckman tells her how hard it was to let her go, and how he didn't want her to settle for someone like him. Angela brings Duckman in for a passionate kiss, which is interrupted when she realizes she's late for a Beautex event.

Much later, after something cataclysmic happened, Duckman proposes to Angela. She rejects.

She notes to Beautex slogan "Because in this world, you come first", and also notes that she regrets that she was the one who thought of it. In regret of her time with Beautex, She wanted to travel the country, to reach out to troubled kids, and bring the right kind of beauty to places that hadn't seen it for a long time.

She states that she'll be back.

King Chicken

King Chicken vs. Duckman

Duckman and King Chicken were rivals since high school.

Because Duckman was (initially) the less popular of the two, he would regularly encourage the kids who picked on him to pick on King Chicken to divert the teasing from himself.

Because of this, King Chicken vowed to isolate Duckman from the rest of the world, the way he was isolated in school.

Now as adults, he is Duckman's arch rival using many schemes to try and accomplish this goal, with often involve kidnapping Duckman's family and various disguises.

In Cock Tales for Four they almost reconcile, but fall out again shortly after.

For some reason there is a strong amount of sexual tension between the two men. Duckman often thinks King is hitting on him, when he isn't. In Cock Tales for Four, Duckman implies he wants to be intimate with King Chicken but is denied.

In Where No Duckman Has Gone Before, King Chicken disguises himself as a sexy female alien wishing to pleasure Duckman. After he pulls off his mask, Duckman asks if they can still have sex. At the end of the episode, they almost make out with each other, before the scene abruptly cuts away and the entire episode is revealed to be Leonard Nimoy's dream.

Fluffy and Uranus

Duckman at Fluffy and Uranus' doorstep.

Duckman's office secretaries.

He can't stand them due to their fuzzy feel-good demeanor, and their obnoxious political correctness.

Nearly every episode they appear in Duckman kills them for unintentionally irritating him, but as Uranus explained in the first episode, they can survive nearly anything due to being stuffed.

However, many occasions show them being killed for the most flimsy and/or shallow of reasons, such being nice or even merely asking for a vacation.

In Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat, Duckman is arrested for their murder.

In Forbidden Fruit, Duckman takes great advantage of the two's hospitality and they actually stand up to him, telling him "Get the fuck out of here, Mr. Duckman!"


Duckman did not have the best childhood. Growing up, he was subjected to various patterns of abuse, neglect and bullying.

Duckman with his father.

His father was cold and distant and may not have actually liked his son all that much. Duckman did not spend much time with his father unless he was being spanked as punishment for misbehaving.

When he was six years old he stole some candy from a local store. When his dad found out, he wrote a note and sent Duckman to take it to the Chief of Police. The note requested the police lock him in a jail cell for a few hours to teach him a lesson, and Duckman was locked in alongside real criminals.

The Chief of Police fell and hit his head, going into a coma shortly after and as nobody else knew why the child was locked up, they didn't let him out. Duckman's father did not come and get him for 16 months.

When Duckman's father took him out to a park for one last camping trip together, before Duckman goes off to college. Duckman, however, tells his father that he's decided that he won't go to college, to which his father angrily says "You're going to college if I have to drag you there myself!" before chasing him around the park.

His father died after this, and his last words "Careful, son, I don't think the safety's on" suggest that it may have been on Duckman's hands.

Duckman with his mother.

Duckman's mother was extremely neglectful of him, often leaving him alone for weeks at a time and rarely remembering his name. Although, apparently she insisted the two of them bathe together until he was 15 years old and a therapist put a stop to it. Duckman was upset at that, because it was when he "needed her love the most".

As a child, a man once offered him a lollipop in exchange for sexual favors, an offer that the young Duckman accepted.

According to the Duckman video game, he was also molested by his scouts leader and one of his mother's lovers.

In Duckman Comics #5, Duckman tells Cornfed a story of the time his favorite uncle took him for the weekend and ended up showing him hardcore pornography.

Much like his own three sons, Duckman was bullied and left out by his peers growing up for reasons never quite understood.

When he was ten he would sneak away from school and go home because he couldn't stand to be there. He did not make any friends until high school, where he befriended Cornfed.

In high school, Duckman singled out King Chicken, as he too was bullied, Duckman would turn the kids attention from him to King Chicken to avoid the redicule.

This caused his lifelong grudge against Duckman, although it didn't help Duckman escape, because when King Chicken wasn't around, the others went right back to picking on him. When he was sixteen years old a teacher named Ms. Finch had sexual relations with him. After this she "went to live with the nuns", presumably out of guilt. Duckman also had sexual relations with his Home Economics teacher.


"This love slave's ready for flogging!"

When it comes to sex Duckman is not only desperate, but very particular as well.

Duckman's sex life mostly consists of ogling women on the street, constant verbal and sexual innuendos, masturbation, hardcore phonographic videos, magazines, and books as well as a vast collection of sex toys.

Some of these include blow-up dolls, handcuffs, vibrators and custom non-marking bondage ropes. He is a regular patron of nearly every strip club in town, and will sometimes resort to spending the retainer for a case on table dances. In America the Beautiful he went for lap-dances before breakfast.

Duckman is extremely kinky. Some of his turn-ons include fictionalized incest, dressing in drag, particularly women's underwear. He is apparently well versed in this particular practice, as he was able to give Charles and Mambo expertise makeup advice and offered to let them borrow some of his Revlon eye shadow, Tawny bronzer and light egyptian foundation

Duckman also engages in bondage and S&M. Duckman seems to be strictly a submissive in bed and enjoys being tied up, spanked, electrocuted and hit with a suitcase. He once broke the washer by using the blades as a vibrator.

He is also shown to be bisexual and isn't at all hesitant to have sex with other men.

In Not So Easy Riders he sells his body to a man for $10000.

He was also a prostitute while in prison, having sex with wealthy businessmen for thousands of dollars at a time.

In The Road to Dendron, after being poked in the lower back with a sword, which he assumed was an erect penis, his response was "Hey, none of that now. Let's at least talk first."

He also apparently hangs out in the bus station men's room, from which he once returned with an extremely powerful vibrator.

While on trial, facing the death penalty, King Chicken remarked to him "I can't wait to see you dangle." Which Duckman misread as sexual, and was flattered King Chicken would be interested in him in that way.

He also once had sex with Charlie Rose, and regularly has erotic electrocution sessions administered by a guy named Randy.

In Westward, No! he becomes involved in a romantic relationship with a man he meets while stripping who turns him into a successful showgirl.

In college, he starred in a sex tape with a zebra.

Character Conception

Duckman was originally much taller.

Duckman was originally created by Everett Peck as a leading character in his comic strips, meant to represent the disgruntled every day Joe.

In these strips Duckman is much crueler and harsher, with very little redeeming qualities.

In these strips Beatrice was alive and Duckman had no problem with cheating on her or ogling other women. He also found his children to be nothing more then annoyances, and showed even less loyalty to Cornfed.

The strips description of Duckman's character was; The Duckman hangs on scratching out piss-poor living with his pard "Cornfed", his complaining Pig Friday. At home Duckman gets no relief.


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