Fantine and Cosette
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Voiced By

Patricia Lentz and Dee Dee Rescher

First Appearance


Fantine and Cosette were unbearably beautiful, really attractive and insanely sexy buxom twin sisters who employed Duckman and Cornfed to help figure out why men only seemed interested in their bodies. They later appear in Duckman's subconciouss and tell him he needs to work on his confidence. The twins often did things that arroused the men around them without meaning to, such as fixing each others skirts, rubbing their chests against mens' backs, walking through a sprinkler or washing their car in cut-off shorts. Duckman is too guilty over the death of Beatrice to make a move on them, but they take a liking to Duckman, eventually going on a ski trip with him. Their names are a reference to Victor Hugo's novel "Les Misérables".

Appearances Edit

  • Psyche
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Days of Whining and Neurosis
  • Duckman Comics #1
  • Duckman Comics #4
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