Future Mother and Son
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Mother: Female

Son: Male


Each other

First Appearance:

Exile in Guyville

Voiced By:

Mother: Maryedith Burrell

Son: Justin Berfeild

Character Edit

A mother and son who live in an unspecified very distant future. In this future Duckman has become a beloved icon and role model. The events of his life are treated as fables with lessons to be taken from each. The family has a set of books of Duckman stories, all given the names of the names of the episode. The son also owns Duckman bedding and a stuffed Duckman doll.

The mother lovingly tells her son the story of the time Duckman and Bernice's bickering caused a full separation of the genders. She uses the story to teach him the importance of respect and understanding of people no matter who they are (except the Irish.)

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