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But I don't want someone else's gland in my body. I could change. I could become a totally different person, completely unrecognizable to anyone who knows me.

Eric Duckman concerning his upcoming adrenal gland transplant.

What's the downside?

Bernice Hufnagel in response to Duckman's plead.

Gland of Opportunity is the fourth episode of the USA Network original series Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. This episode aired on April 9, 1994.


After an accident at an amusement park, the cowardly Duckman has the adrenal gland of a daredevil transplanted into his body giving him a new outlook on life.




  • Episode Title Reference: The phrase "Land of Opportunity"
  • Cornfed's explanation at the end of why Duckman can't have Vile Kyle's gland, is a reference to the movie JFK.
  • Vile Kyle is a parody of Robert Craig Knievel, professionally known as Evel Knievel.

Music Used

Holiday in Berlin by Frank Zappa


  • In this episode and the episode Forbidden FruitAjax, Charles and Mambo are shown to go to the same school. However, all other episodes establish they go to two different schools, Mid-City High and Mid-City Jr. High. 
  • Duckman thinks to himself "Why do you hear these voices in your head every week?" A reference to the previous episode, Psyche

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