Gary Wallace, Wyatt Donnelly and Chett Donnelly
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Voiced By:

John Asher, Michael Manasseri and Lee Tergesen

First Appearance:

Color of Naught

Characters Edit

Gary, Wyatt and Chett were from the USA show Weird Science (based on the film of the same name). They were kidnapped by King Chicken along with Bernice, Ajax, Angela, Gecko, Grandma-ma, Charles and Mambo as a part of his plan to dissolve all matter on earth. USA had requested King Chicken to do this as "they didn't want one show doing anything without the other." The three however state that they don't watch Duckman.

When Duckman knocks the anti-Buetex out of King Chicken's hands, Gary and Wyatt and Charles and Mambo both lunge for it. Gary and Wyatt insist they go first, since they get higher ratings. Mambo however informs them that this is only because they got the more desirable time-slot, and their audiences are incompatible. While fighting over it the twins knock the three off of what's left of the skyscraper and they vanish from existence.

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