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Harry Medfly is a one-time character in Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. He's an irate TV critic that had kidnapped Duckman, because he was outraged about Duckman's television program (that Duckman wasn't aware of).


Harry is obsessed with television and hails it as some sort of deity. He is the main antagonist of the episode Clip Job.

He has an extensive knowledge on older television shows, and will take most opportunities to bring up the events within them whenever it's relevant to current events.

He's also a very petty man, he is quick to anger, and his life seems to be built around television.

He was greatly upset when he saw the offensiveness of Duckman's television program, Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man.

Harry attempts to get it off the air by kidnapping Duckman, and murdering him by frying his brain using satellites.

By the end, he's taken in by the authorities, and while he's being taken away, he vows that he'll return to replace King Chicken as the recurring villain. He doesn't.




  • The place he takes Duckman is Mel's Discount Pinatas and Little Plastic Tabs That Go On Phones Over Where They Show the Numbers.
  • Prior to the events of the episode, Harry's column just got dropped, and his wife left him, taking his Franklin Mint clown plate collection.
  • For some reason, he had footage of the Season 3 episode Forbidden Fruit, an episode that hadn't been finished yet as of Clip Job.