Honey Chicken
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Real Name:

Ursula Bacon Chicken


King Chicken (husband)
Tammy Chicken (daughter)

Voiced By:

Judith Light

Ursula Bacon "Honey" Chicken is a minor character in Duckman.


Honey is King Chicken's very attractive, unbearably beautiful and insanely sexy ex-wife. Despite her attractiveness, beauty and sexiness, she is an alcoholic and when Duckman and Bernice first meet her, she seems to be incoherent and out of it. However, she later reveals that she is aware of King Chicken's ongoing affair with Bernice and that she prefers to keep Duckman and King Chicken enemies as it makes her life easiest. Before marrying him, she had King Chicken sign a prenup that stated that if he were to ever leave her she would get all of his money, possessions and property.


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