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Ursula Bacon "Honey" Chicken is one of the recurring characters of Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. She is King Chicken's very attractive, unbearably beautiful and insanely sexy ex-wife.


In Cock Tales for Four, Ajax and his family are brought over for dinner by Ajax's girlfriend's family.

Little did they know that the opposing family was King Chicken and his wife, Honey Chicken.

Despite Honey's attractiveness, beauty and sexiness, she is a severe alcoholic.

When Duckman and Bernice first meet her, she seems to be totally incoherent and out of it.

However, she later reveals that she is very much aware of King Chicken's ongoing affair with Bernice.

She only continues being with King Chicken despite that, because he's the most convenient, and it makes her life easier to keep him pinned.

Before marrying him, she had King Chicken sign a prenuptial agreement that stated that if he were to ever leave her she would get all of his money, possessions and property.

So on that night, she ruined the budding friendship that started between Duckman and King Chicken by seducing Duckman.

She keeps people out of King Chicken's life, because other people are too big a risk to her.




  • She got King Chicken to sign the prenup at a point of sexual weakness (she flaunted that at Bernice).