How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying is the twenty third episode of the season four.

How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying
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Season 4, Episode 23

Air Date:

No information

Written By:

Ellis Weiner

Directed By:

Jaime Diaz


Short, Plush and Deadly


You've Come a Wrong Way, Baby


Duckman sells his identity to the Variecom corporation for a grand, which he is tricked into sending to his psychic friend. Unable to use his own name or image, he is left penniless. He even tries to become a Duckman impersonator, until he is "downsized." Then he conceives a plan to get his self-respect and identity back. He asks for it back.

Trivia Edit

  • Duckman references actress Cybill Shepherd, claiming she had sold her soul to the devil.
  • Duckman purposes he and Cornfed participate in some sort of acrobatic sex ring, dressed as Seigfreid and Roy, the Las Vegas tiger tamers.


  • Episode Title Reference: The musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.
  • The episode includes the original song "I've Finally Made It", music by Scott Wilk & Todd Yvega. Lyrics by Gene Grillo and Michael Markowitz.
  • Although Variecom states they need Duckman to sign his identity over because their purposed character resembles his life too much, the show that results isn't much like Duckman's life at all.
  • Charles and Mambo state that they can't resist rampant consumerism, the same reason they betrayed Duckman in Married Alive.
  • The credits of 'Duckman and Oinky' are the exact ending credits of this Duckman episode, only sped up ten times faster to avoid the average viewer recognizing any names. None of the fonts, names or production titles were changed.