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In the Nam of the Father is the seventh episode of the second season.

In the Nam of the Father
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Air Date:

April 24th, 1995

Written By:

Jeff Astrof and Mike Sikowitz

Directed By:

Norton Virgien


The Germ Turns


Research and Destroy


A young man claiming to be Cornfed's long lost Vietnamese son shows up at the office one day. Cornfed is excited at the prospect of having a son, but cannot remember if he ever actually slept with his lover, Mai Lin and decides to travel to Vietnam to ask her. Duckman takes his family along on the trip for a much needed vacation and must also deal with the flashbacks he is experiencing. Cornfed's alledged son snaps after waiting behind with Fluffy and Uranus.


  • A can of "Loretta's Deoderant" can be seen on a table.

Music Used

  • "Vacation" by the GoGo's.

Main Characters

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