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It's the Thing of the Principal
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Season 1, Episode 9

Air Date:

May 7th, 1993

Written By:

Ron Lux

Eugene Stein

Directed By:

Igor Kovalyov


Not So Easy Riders

Followed By:

Cellar Beware

It's the Thing of the Principal is the ninth episode of first season.


Bernice is worried about Ajax, who's not been eating and has been sent to the principal every day this week. Duckman and Cornfed go undercover in the school to find out what's up with Ajax. It turns out that Ajax is in love with the vice principal and she's in love with him. They take off together with plans to get married, south of the border. Duckman and Bernice pose as a couple and go bring him back.

Music Used

Peaches En Regalia by Frank Zappa


  • Duckman and Bernice sleep together while intoxicated in this episode. A few episodes later in Papa Oom MOW MOW, Duckman is again hinted at having an attraction towards Bernice.
  • Vanessa LaPert is the second teacher at Ajax's school to be invovled with an underage student, the first being the geomatry teacher from Ride the High School, who Duckman caught making out with a student inside a locker.
  • In From Brad to Worse it's revealed that Duckman was also involved in an inappropriate relationship with a teacher in high school.


  • Episode Title Reference: The phrase "It's the Principal of the Thing."
  • Igor Kovalyov was nominated for a Cable ACE award for this episode in the category "Best directing in a comedy series."

Main Characters

First Appearances


Bernice: Little bubbly? Duckman: I know it's the water jets plus that dam digestive problem of mine. I..umm.. you didn't mean the water did ya?

Ajax: I'd hoped for your blessing dod, but I'm old enough to make decisions on my own. Aren't I??

Duckman: Actually my biggest fantasy involves you, liver loaf and a pack of starving rottweilers!

Duckman: OK, Final Offer! 500 Bucks to do a couple of jumping jacks and I don't even have to be in the room... just phone me & tell me when you do em!

Duckman: Hummana Hummana Howwa Vanessa: Very impressive Mr. Duckman, but why are you telling me in Cherokee that you have racoons in your pants?

Duckman: It looks a lot worse than it actually is. Cornfed: Not unlike nipple clamps.

Ajax: Hey everyone, it's Farmer Brown of Farmer Brown's Sausage Sticks. His meat like products are gristlicious.

Cornfed: I moisturize.

(knock, knock, knock) Bernice: Who is it? Ajax: Ajax Bernice: You don't have to knock here, You can just come in here. Ajax: I knew there was one house I could do that at.