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Ivana Duckman is one of the recurring characters of Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. She was Duckman's mother who used sexual encounters to cope with her husband's death. 


After Duckman's father died when he was a child, she was rarely around, preferring to spend her time attending fancy parties and hooking up with various men. 

If she brought these men home, she would lie to Duckman and tell him they were his uncles. Her reason for doing this was to fill a void left in her life after her husband's death. 

She was pretty vile to Duckman, once being said to have prepared a bath for him, only to have it be a trick where the whole bridge club was waiting behind the door with cameras. 

As a teenager, Duckman was hit by a bus and hovered on the brink of death for three months, during all this time she never visited him. She "couldn't postpone" the lambada cruise. 

When Duckman grew up, he invited her to the births of each of his children and she never showed up. 

She never met any of her grandsons and she died sometime after Charles and Mambo were born. Duckman buried her in a cardboard coffin. Despite how he treated her, Duckman keeps a photo of her in his wallet. 

In The Germ TurnsDuckman finds out she has been re-incarnated as a germ because she had bad karma due to all the neglect. 

At the end of the episode she earns back some instant karma points by genuinely apologizing after hearing Duckman's outburst, and is then upgraded into a snail's body. 

She had a bad habit of messing up Duckman's name, and then replying with "whatever" when he corrected her, much like Duckman currently does with Mambo. 

In Kidney, Popsicle, and Nuts, it's revealed that the man who raised Duckman was not his biological father.

Duckman's biological father was actually Red Crocker.

Red's stated reason for leaving Ivana was that his faith in the country was quickly fleeting, and that he'd be better off detaching himself from it-- going so far as to abandon his own identity.

However, this was merely a coverup for him being a coward. Red Crocker's actual reason for running off was that he couldn't handle the thought of having to take care of a family.

Past this, it can be reasoned that Ivana went on to marry with Mr. Duckman after Red Crocker abandoned her. It's never officially stated.

Ivana is mentioned again in the PC Point-and-Click adventure game, Duckman: the Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick, where Duckman refers back to her promiscuity, and how one of her lovers had molested him.