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George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken, or simply just King Chicken, is a recurring antagonist of Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. He is Duckman's long-standing arch-nemesis, who spends his days formulating excessive plans to overthrow the Earth and kill Duckman in the process.


King Chicken is highly ambitious, and notably unhinged. King Chicken enjoys torturing, has a real knack for science and machinery, and he's crazy-prepared in his villainous plots.

His earliest appearances would have him continually recap his motive of getting back at Duckman, but characters would frequently get bored. (In one particular joke, an episode suddenly cut to a news report of Tim Curry having gone missing and leaving behind a note where he expressed frustration and resistance to ever saying the motive again.)

His schemes were often over-complicated attempts to ruin Duckman's life and usually involved various disguises. Upon meeting Bernice, an attraction and an affair developed. His evil laughter, "Mwah ha haa, bawk bawk bawk!," usually punctuates the end of his speeches about his evil plan. His name is a parody of former President of the United States George H. W. Bush.


On the Duckman DVD collection, his bio is given as the following;

  • Duckman's archenemy
  • Was bullied by Duckman in school the sending him down the path to super villainy
  • Is an evil genius, possibly even intellectually superior to Cornfed Pig

King Chicken Loves:

  • Revenge
  • Ruining Duckman's life
  • Formulating evil plans
  • Turning the world against Duckman
  • Disguises

King Chicken Hates:

  • Being bullied
  • Being foiled by Duckman Character Bio

On Klasky Csupo's flash website, King Chicken's bio is given as the following;

Talk about vendettas! King Chicken hates Duckman with every feather of his being. Blaming him for some past transgressions, he has been the constant thorn in Duckman's side, doing everything he can to ruin the duck detective's life. Although his plots often end in defeat, King Chicken keeps on clucking, returning again and again with more nefarious schemes.

Family and Relationships


Duckman made him an outsider in his developmental years, so King Chicken wanted to make him an outsider in his adult life.

Duckman was subject to many forms of bullying at school, which had no end in sight. So to take that attention off of him for a while, he turned it towards the one person more laughable than he is: the brainy and book-smart King Chicken.

Duckman started to make fun of King Chicken in a public matter, because it meant he can know what it was like to be a part of something. It took on very quickly, and it began King Chicken's endless humiliation and isolation. As such, nobody would ever take King Chicken seriously, and he became a walking joke. King Chicken cites this (repeatedly) for why he became a super villain.

For some reason there is a strong amount of sexual tension between the two men. Duckman often thinks King is hitting on him, when he isn't. ("You've got the best seat in the house.") At the dinner party, Duckman implies he wants to be intimate with King Chicken but is denied.

In Where No Duckman Has Gone BeforeKing Chicken disguises himself as a sexy female alien wishing to pleasure Duckman. After he pulls off his mask, Duckman asks if they can still have sex. At the end of the episode, they almost make out with each other, before the scene abruptly cuts away and the entire episode is revealed to be Leonard Nimoy's dream.


King Chicken and Bernice really hit it off when the two discussed their positives on high school teachings and corporal punishment. Bernice starts to flirt with him, so that he'd be tricked into unlocking the cage they were in-- King Chicken is easily influenced by his sexuality. Since then, King and Bernice transitioned into a torrid affair, typically while he's trying to destroy Duckman.

Bernice said his civic pride impressed her, while King Chicken notes "If I tell you what impresses me about you, you'll blush."

In Forbidden Fruit, King Chicken was disguised as Regine Poulet, and was hired by the Duckmans as a live-in tutor. His relationship with Bernice ensued there under that persona, which began to make Bernice question her sexuality.

In Cock Tales for Four, it's revealed that King Chicken was married all along, and his flings with Bernice were extramarital. His wife, Honey Chicken knows of the whole thing, and she attempted to fling with Duckman to get King Chicken angry.

Judge Kennesaw Mountain Chicken

King Chicken was shown to be in good terms with his father. He called him over to Coopville when Duckman was on trial for speaking against chicken creationism. Kennesaw was over the moon about sentencing Duckman to death, before Charles and Mambo saved him through the light of a legal excuse.

Duckman then makes one last call to the stand: King Chicken, and he forces a confession from him-- in front of his own father. Kennesaw discovers how demented King Chicken truly is, and he sentenced him to death. King Chicken escaped by picking the lock with one of Bernice's hair pins.

Honey Chicken

He was married to Honey Chicken, a lovely voluptuous chicken that's almost constantly sloshed. They had a daughter together named Tammy Chicken, of whom Ajax dated briefly before a discourse dinner party between the Chickens and Duckman and Bernice.

Honey exposes that King Chicken had signed a prenup that promises that she would get absolutely everything if King Chicken were to divorce, and she got him to sign that at a point of sexual weakness (she flaunted that at Bernice). They're both trapped in the marriage, as Honey bears a strong resentment towards life changes, shown when she sabotages the bonding chance between the bitter rivalry of Duckman and King Chicken.

Honey has King Chicken under her thumb, because she knows she can hang onto him. King's happiest when he's hating Duckman, and his work as an evil genius keeps him busy, and everything's in it's place. Honey is very much averted to life changes, and other people are a great harbinger of that.

In a cruel irony, the one person King got close with is one that will continue to keep him isolated.



Moe Needlemen model sheet

  • Professor Edwin Biar: Headmaster of the non-existent "Littlefield Academy."
  • Moe Needlemen: Old time Jewish comedian and Iggy Catalpa's manager.
  • Dr. Bud Von Luienbrow: Supposedly Charles, Mambo and Ajax's school psychologist.
  • Regine Poulet: Attractive female french tutor who sues Duckman for sexual harassment. Her name literally translates to "King Chicken."
  • Tony Sterling: Head of the Beautex Corporation. Used to look exactly like Ajax.
  • Aurora Abromowitz: A sexy female alien.