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Mai Lin is a one-time character in Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. She was a Vietnamese woman who Cornfed fell in love with during his time in the Vietnam war.


In In the Nam of the Father, Cornfed recalls a memory between himself and Mai Lin, and how her sole desire was to pleasure him in unspeakable and often degrading ways using mah-jongg tiles and a strange vibrating bamboo device.

He also states that she was a fine cook.

When Ng comes up to Cornfed and claims to be his biological child, Cornfed has a desire to learn the truth of this.

He decides to bring the Duckman family along to Vietnam to find Mai Lin, to determine whether or not Cornfed is the real father.

She was working as a consultant for a war movie based on her life at the time Cornfed visited Vietnam.

Unfortunately, while the two shared a meaningful bond during the destruction the war brought, Mai Lin and Cornfed never actually slept together, and she doesn't have a son.

This makes Cornfed tear up a little, but Mai Lin says she'd like a chance to talk before Cornfed goes.

At the very end of the episode, Cornfed is seen running back to Mai Lin, pleading that the two could start a family now.

This seems as though it was simply to escape from the idea of the Duckman family being Cornfed's family.


  • If the movie she was consulting becomes a hit, she gets 12 gross points and a piece of the merchandising.