Mo Dworkin
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Eric Duckman (nephew)

Mrs. Duckman (sister)

Ajax Duckman ( great nephew)

Charles Duckman (great nephew) Mambo Duckman (great nephew) Beatrice Hufnagel (niece in-law)

George (nephew)

Ted (brother)

Voiced By:

Robert Klein


Uncle Mo was Duckman's estranged uncle on his mothers side. Duckman has some sort of rocky past with him that is not elaborated on. However, it is shown in the episode of his appearance that he is just as despicable and rude as his nephew by personality: ie "irritating, obnoxious, arrogant, and selfish", though Mo's rotten personality tends to be much more deliberate and cold-hearted. For example while in the guest room, he refers to Charles, Mambo, and Ajax as "TweedleDumb, TweedleDumber, and TweedleWhat a Freakin' Moron", making a direct reference to the latter's stupidity. In "Love, Anger, Kvetching, he comes to stay with Duckman when he is dying of heart cancer. He spends his last days torturing Duckman by forcing him to clean his intentionally disgusting body with threats of ruining Duckman's anticipated poker game with Bob Guccione.  

In the comics an uncle of Duckman's, who resembles Mo but is never named, was said to be Duckman's favourite uncle growing up until he showed Duckman graphic pornography and was arrested three days later.  

In the episode Hamlet 2: This Time It's Personal, King Chicken implants Duckman with a device that causes him to hallucinate Mo's ghost.