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Mr. Duckman
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First Appearance:

I, Duckman

Voiced By:

Joe Alaskey

Mr. Duckman was the believed father of Duckman and the husband of Mrs. Duckman.


Mr. Duckman was first seen in I, Duckman in one of Duckman's home movies, where he tells Duckman he has to go to college. He appeared again in a flashback in Cellar Beware. Here, Duckman recalls a story from when he was six and he stole some candy. Duckman's father wrote a letter and told Duckman to take it to the Cheif of Police. The letter requested Duckman be locked in a jail cell for a few hours to teach him a lesson, which the policeman does. However, he soon falls and hits his head, going into a coma. Since nobody else knew why Duckman was there, he wasn't released until his father came and got him sixteen months later.

Duckman states that he did not really know his father that well, the only time he really spent with him was when he was being punished.


When Duckman was a child he accidently shot his father, killing him. His father wanted to be cryogenically frozen, so he was. Appearently, Duckman was left an inheritence, but spent it all on 8-Tracks.