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My Feral Lady is the twentieth episode of season four.

My Feral Lady
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Season 4, Episode 20

Air Date:

No information

Written By:

Dan Gerson and Reid Harrison

Directed By:

Peter Avanzino


The Tami Show


Westward, No!


Duckman purchases a mail-order bride, from Tetzloff; however, she's really a jungle savage. With Cornfed's help, they attempt to civilize her a'la My Fair Lady. He asks for her hand in marriage on a "Surprise Proposals" episode of Leeza and things go awry when the flashbulbs go off.


  • Declan McManus is the real name of singer, songwriter Elvis Costello.
  •  the Scottish lullaby "Eeka Beeka Boo", was written by David Misch and Scott Wilk & Todd Yvega. Lyrics for the song were by Gene Laufenberg, Howard Margulies and David Misch
  • Leeza appears as herslef in a live-action segment. 
  • Duckman's chosen name for Heather, Kathy Lee, is a reference to Kathy Lee Gifford.
  • Episode Title Reference: The musical and film, My Fair Lady.
  • The scene when Kathy Lee/Heather is brought to the Duckman house is a reference to Jurassic Park 2.
  • When Bev and the kids are watching TV Duckman and Cornfed's "That's Us" song from Duckman and Cornfed in 'Haunted Society Plumbers' is playing.

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Duckman: It's no use, Corny. I'm afraid she'll never know the joy of finding just the right words to things with but having says she do. Cornfed: Ummm…yes…I mean, no…