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Frank Nolan (or "Ng") is a one-time character in Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. He was a scammer who claimed to be Cornfed's son from Vietnam.


Ng is a pig claiming to be Cornfed's long lost Vietnamese son.

He turns out to be nothing more than a con artist who profiles pigs and uses various lies to scam them out of money.

He does this to finance his way through dance school.

He confessed this after being forced to look at Fluffy and Uranus's family slides during Cornfed's trip to Vietnam to find Ng's possible mother, Mai Lin.

After Fluffy begins to speak with him about their extended family, Frank flips out and pleads for them to stop.

He then confesses to what his actual motives were with his relationship with Cornfed.

He tells them his name isn't "Ng", and that it's actually Frank Nolan.

He admits to them that he steals pictures and runs cons on individuals of the pig species.

He begs them to take him to prison, so long as he doesn't have to listen to anymore of it.

After this, he leaps out the window, where we hear a car horn beep, followed by a thud.

This implies that Frank didn't survive that fall.


  • Mai Lin tells Cornfed that the two never slept together, therefore she doesn't have a son.
  • This teased Cornfed's desire to start a family of his own.