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Noir Gang is the first episode of season three.

Noir Gang
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Air Date:

January 6th, 1996

Written By:

Eva Almos and Ed Scharlach

Directed By:

Raymie Muzquiz


Clip Job


Forbidden Fruit


In this film noir parody Duckman and Cornfed must solve a case for the mysterious and alluring Tamara Le Boinque. As the case goes on Cornfed and Duckman are turned against eachother due to their lust for her. Eventually Tamara states she is in love with Duckman and asks for his protection from the men out to kill her, but it is all a plot to frame the murder of her husband on Duckman.


  • Most of this episode appears in black and white. Well really grayscale.
  • This episode won the Silver Pulcinella 1996 statue for best adult animated show at the Amalfi "Cartoons on the Bay" Festival, located in Italy.
  • Fluffy took film studies in college.
  • When Cornfed reveals Tamara's scheme it is an amalgimation of the plot of several film noir classics such as Chinatown, the Maltese Falcon and Touch of Evil.
  • Bernice, Ajax, Charles and Mambo do not appear in the episode at all, though the kids are referenced in dialogue when Duckman says he always wanted kids of his own, and then pauses to think about the statement.
  • The first two suspects are characters from The Maltese Falcon, and the third is the lead character from Casablanca.
  • The first episode not to feature Duckman's family.

Main Characters

First Appearences


(Duckman and Cornfed get mad and call each other names) Duckman: Pig Guy! Cornfed: Yellow jerk! Duckman: Big Nose! Cornfed: Simpsons Wannabe!