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Not So Easy Riders is the 8th episode of the first season.

Not So Easy Riders
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Season 1, Episode 8

Air Date:

April 30th, 1993

Written By:

Joe Ansolabehere and Steve Viksten

Directed By:

Paul Demeyer


A Civil War


It's the Thing of the Principal


Duckman receives a letter from the IRS and Duckman is given 24 hours to pay $29,587.42 in back taxes. After asking his family for help and being rejected and lectured, Duckman tries anything. When he can't raise the funds, he and Cornfed go on the run and then on the road. Bernice falls for the IRS agent who's staying at the house waiting for Duckman to call.

Music Used

  • Disco Boy by Frank Zappa
  • Help, I'm a Rock by Frank Zappa
  • Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance by Frank Zappa
  • Friendly Little Finger by Frank Zappa


  • Episode Title Reference: "Easy Riders"
  • In the biker bar Duckman and Cornfed reference both Peewee's Big Adventure and the Paul Rubens (Peewee Herman's actor) public masturbation scandal.
    • Peewee's Big Adventure co-starred E.G. Daily as Dottie, who does the voice of Mambo on Duckman.
  • Near the middle of the episode, right before Duckman calls his family to let them know he'll be home as soon as he can, the family and Dennehy were singing "Do-Re-Mi" by Julie Andrews. This was cut from the DVD version.
  • During the scene near the end where Duckman begins to hallucinate while lost in the desert, the The 5th Dimension song "Let The Sunshine In" was originally playing. This was cut short to remove the song on the DVD version.
  • Bobcat Goldthwait makes a cameo.

DVD Edits

When Duckman was released on DVD, "Not So Easy Riders" suffered two cuts at different parts of the episode, both due to music copyrights.

File:"Duckman" Deleted Scene - "Do-Re-Mi"

This scene was cut due to the family singing "Do-Re-Mi".

File:"Duckman" Deleted Scene - "Let the Sunshine In" Hallucination WarpSharp

This scene was cut due to "Let the Sunshine In" being performed within Duckman's hallucination.

Main Characters

First Appearances


(Agent Dennehy spreads his arms wide) Bernice: My God! How do you get your pants on? Agent Dennehy: I mean stretch out the phone call.

Duckman: I can't believe they shared their girlfriends with us Corny! I just spent the night with the sexiest, most insatiable, voluptuous, adventurous, least inhibited women I've ever met! If she didn't suddenly get a headache... Woo Hoo! There's no telling what wild and tawdry escapades we might have experienced. How was your night? Cornfed: Like yours... minus the headache.

Duckman: I ever tell you my dads last words to me? Cornfed: Careful son, I don't think the safety is on. Duckman: Before that!

Cornfed: Duckman, maybe you should try distracting them by doing what Pee Wee Herman did in that movie. Duckman: First of all I don't think it's appropriate, second I'm not really in the mood.

Agent Dennehy: Hands to the sky duckbreath. There's a cavity search with your name on it.

Duckman: If I wanted a lecture about money I coulda waited till Sunday and stolen from the collection plate again.