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Papa Oom M.O.W.M.O.W. is the first episode of second season.

Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W.
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Season 2, Episode 1

Air Date:

March 11th, 1995

Written By:

Michael Markowitz

Directed By:

Norton Virgien


Joking the Chicken


Married Alive


While trying to grab a couple of women's asses, Duckman saves the president's life. When this fact is later revealed, Duckman tries to capitalize on his sleazy image.


  • Gregg Berger plays both the animated and live-action versions of Cornfed.
  • Duckman's Movie is on the USA Network, the network that originally aired Duckman.
  • The real cast of the live-action segment that is Duckman's movie is as follows.
    • Charles Shaughnessy as Duckman
    • Tasia Valenza as Bernice
    • Gregg Berger as Cornfed
    • Neriah Davis as Herself (Girl in pink bikini)
    • Karen Roe as Herself (Girl in pink bikini #2)
    • Robert Lennon as Ninja #1
    • Jordan "JJ" Perry as Ninja #2
    • Keythe Farley as Ninja #3
    • Mitch Watson as Murdered Father
    • Peter Savage as Dead Assassin
    • Erle McCan as Dead Body #1
    • Josef Spaan as Dead Body #2
    • Kerry McCluggage as The President

Main Characters

First Appearences


Duckman: (upon meeting three hot women, muttering to self) It's times like this I wish I had a penis…

Duckman: Pleased to eat ya', I-I mean, eat to please ya'.