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Petrov, as portrayed by Cornfed.



Soldier, Dishwasher

First Appearance:

Crime, Punishment, War, Peace, and the Idiot

Voiced by:

Gregg Berger


Petrov was the man Grandma-ma was in love with back in Russia. He was believed to have died in the war, and so Grandma-ma married Trigorin, due to the fact that he had saved her and her family from a house fire.

He re-united with the two in America, having lost a leg and suffering from amnesia. Being around them however sparks his memory and he reveals that the fire had been started by Trigorin, who purposely trapped Petrov inside. Petrov challenges Trigorin to a duel but winds up showing mercy by firing his gun into the air. When Trigorin does the same, he accidentally hits a blimp which falls to the ground, killing them.

Back in his hometown he was known as a brave soldier and a kind man. He had been teaching most of the townspeople English. Sophia also mentions that he was the best Marksmen in Sphvenk.