Princess Fallopia
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First Appearance:

The Road to Dendron


Sulton of Dendron (father)

Achmed Abjeer (brother)



Voiced By:

Amanda Plummer

Character Edit

Princess Fallopia is the Princess of Dendron. She fell in love with Duckman at first sight, writing in a letter that upon seeing him she knew he was her destiny. Unfortunately for Duckman, although the Princess had an amazing body, her face was the spitting image of Ajax. Fallopia was openly very sexual in both behaviour and speech, and lusted after Duckman. He could not however bring himself to have sex with someone who looked exactly like his son. Instead he payed a cook to slip her a sleeping potion each night, lying to her about how "sex-sational" he was each morning. The Prince discovers this and utilizes it in his plan to kill her, replacing the potion with poison. Cornfed and Duckman attempt to save her through a series of idiotic stunts attempting to switch out the goblet. They end up failing and she seemingly drinks the poison and dies. In reality, Ajax and her had switched places and she is revealed to be alive and well, with Ajax unexplainably surviving as well. She proposes she and Duckman get married, but he declines.

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Cornfed: "it's the Princess, I think she's naked." Duckman: "She wears it well."

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