Okay, so I've been a little... inactive since, you know, Beatrice died. I've been wanting to jump back in lately. Women just haven't been... responding to me. But it's a big world, Corny. There's a lot of possibilities out there. It's only a matter of time before good luck's gonna come my way.Eric Duckman on his current love life.

Psyche is the fourth episode of the USA Network original series Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. This episode aired on March 26, 1994.


Feeling insecure about himself, Duckman gets plastic surgery for his bill. Not long after, two buxom blondes hire him and Cornfed to investigate why they only attract men who only want them for their bodies causing Duckman to have a crisis of conscience.




  • Despite Beatrice's death being the focal point of most of the series, this is the only episode where we found out how she died: another Rube-Goldberg-machine of events sparked by Duckman's clumsiness.
  • The names of the twins are Fantine and Cosette, two characters from Les Miserables.
  • When Duckman's confidence kills his guilt, it is a reference to the dragon slaying scene in Sleeping Beauty.

Music Used

Music by Frank Zappa included in this episode: What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?, Dirty Love, Grand Wazoo, Sinister Footwear II

Main Characters

First Appearances


Mistress Nina: Confidence is the third door on the left.

Duckman: I'm very sexually active. Mistress Nina: I meant with another person. Duckman: - Oh.... No.

Cornfed: We went back to their house. Duckman: Their HOUSE! Details gimme details! Cornfed: A frame, two & a half baths, exposed brick fireplace...

Cornfed: Mini golf put me through dental school.

Cornfed: I need to learn how to awaken the sexual beast that lies dormant in every woman's soul waiting to transform her into a lusting creature of unbridled passion. Pulling at me. Tugging at me. Yelling, TAKE ME CORNFED! MAKE ME YOUR LOVE SLAVE!!!

Duckman: Cornfed, do you think I'm attractive? Cornfed: Sorry Duckman, I don't date people I work with.

Duckman: I've seen plenty of guys with smaller bills than me....not that I look at other guy's bills.

Cornfed: The look promises a night of comparing hard to find birth-marks in a hot bubble bath, but all you get is a slap in the face & a cold shower. Duckman: How hard a slap?

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