Red Crocker
Red Crocker
"You're a good boy, boy."




Voiced By:

Brian Keith

Red Crocker is Duckman's biological father. He lived a life of fear, and has an extensive collection of guns.


Red Crocker is a paranoid conspiracy theorist gun nut who lived alone in a cabin he declared his own country. In his mind, everything was just a plot to take his guns away. He apparently got much of his information from Weekly World News. 

He had some sort of relationship with Mrs. Duckman and got her pregnant. His reason for leaving isn't easy for him to talk about. But a driving force in this was when Red's faith in civil society got wavered beyond repair, and he wanted out. Meaning, he went off to form his own country, at the cost of abandoning his responsibilities as a civilian, husband and a father. Duckman refers to him as an idealist when he hears of this.

Red was later surrounded by the law for illegal possession of firearms, and he attempts to make a run for it, which causes Duckman to go off the rails because his father was leaving him all over again. It's revealed that Red was just scared of raising a child, and he ran off because of that. And after, Ivana remarried to Mr. Duckman, who was accidentally shot by Duckman, and he was cryogenically frozen.

Duckman sought him out because he needed a kidney transplant from a blood relative or he'll die, and his children can't provide him with one. Red refused because he had no trust in doctors, plus he said he already gave his away. After being able to know his son even a little, Red sends Duckman a package through the mail. It turns out he had a spare kidney after all, and he cuts it out with a Swiss army knife on his own, usurping the need for doctors. He was the delivery man, in fact.

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