Red Crocker is Duckman's biological father.

Red Crocker
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Voiced By:

Brian Keith


Red Crocker is a paranoid conspirasy theorist gun nut who lived alone in a cabin he declared his own country. In his mind, everything was just a plot to take his guns away. He appearently got much of his information from Weekly World News. 

He had some sort of relationship with Mrs. Duckman and got her pregnant. He was scared however and ran away. Whether she was aready married to Mr. Duckman when this happened, she married him while she was pregnant, letting him believe Duckman was his, or she gave birth and then married is unknown.

Duckman seeks him out because he needs a kidney transplant from a blood relative or he'll die, and his children can't provide him with one. Initally he refuses because he hates doctors, and he thought he had already had one removed. After bonding with Duckman, and realizing it was cowardess to abandon him, he sends Duckman one of his kidneys.